Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to Hypnotize Yourself

Welcome to the how to hypnotize yourself blog! I have put in all the information you need to understand how hypnotize anyone but if you are here then it is self hypnosis that you are after. If this is the case then read on and have a look at some of the recent posts.

All the information that I have posted is thanks to this amazing resource, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Learning how to hypnotize yourself
The first step to learning the art of self hypnosis is to understand the principles behind how to hypnotize others. This comes down to our NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and the way in which we react to certain situations and circumstances. The best example I can give you is that most people react to fear as a negative and will be very open to hearing solutions to overcoming a fear even if they deny this out loud. So the better understanding you have of the words, phrases and analogies that you can use to trigger these responses the easier it is to understand what your own triggers and psychological reactions are to certain situations.

How to hypnotize yourself to overcome your fear
So generally people that are looking at self hypnosis are trying to overcome an addiction or habit that they cannot break. Addictions stem from insecurity and insecurity creates lack of confidence and a lack of confidence is a fear of failure. So the best way to kick your addiction or habit is to understand when this started and why it started.

1st step: Hypnotic Induction
This is the action of putting your mind into a relaxed state where there are no distractions and you are focusing purely on your task. The task at the beginning is to understand why your fear is present so to remind yourself of when it began and talk step by step how it evolved into what it is today.

2nd step: Understand what triggers you just before you carry out your addiction
So now its time to know what thoughts pass through your head just before you pick up that cigarette, or eat that fatty hamburger etc… I am sure that negative thoughts and words are in your mind and the reaction is move into your addiction.

3rd step: Create positive suggestions as a replacement to your negative ones
Now it is time to find positive words or phrases to replace the negative ones that usually go through your mind. A great method is to use memories you have from a better time in your life and then find words that directly correlate to this memory. So whenever you start to feel the fear coming confirm these positive phrases and words and create an alternative suggestion in your mind.

More information
This is a basic principle of self hypnosis and it definitely has helped me. For more information please read the other posts and do not hesitate to leave any comments you might have. All the best!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to hypnotize yourself to improve sports performance

This is a technique that I personally use and I am passing it on because of the amazing results it has brought me. Now this can be used in any situation but I will relate it to my personal sporting experience.

So hypnotizing yourself to increase sporting ability is done by most professional athletes and there have been some studies done that prove why. Back in the times when there was a soviet republic they did tests with athletes they had in 4 different groups.

Group 1: 100% training and 0% visualization

Group 2: 75% training and 25% visualization

Group 3: 50% training and 50% visualization

Group 4: 25% training and 75% visualization

Guess which group had the best results? It was group 4, that’s right the group with the least training time and the most visualization time had the best improvement out of everyone.

How does this work?
Being stronger does not mean that your technique will improve and practising the wrong technique over and over will actually hinder your progression. When your mind is not focused on a task then your focus on technique will waver and you will be practising incorrectly. You can probably relate this to day to day tasks that you need to do and if you are not focused on what you are doing accidents happen e.g. driving, mowing the lawn, even cutting your nails. So it is up to yourself to make sure your mind is in the right place and focusing on the correct motions before beginning your skill.

My example of how I hypnotized myself
When I was training gymnastics there was a skill that was a dismount from the high bar which would “freak” me out because I did not want to hit the bar. This would cause me to let go early and ignore the correct technique.. I knew that I was going to let go early before I even started the skill. As you can imagine this did not help my progression, it actually taught me the incorrect technique. So I had to get over this problem and I began to break down my insecurity of anticipating a negative whenever I thought of doing the skill. The answer was to repeat to myself just before attempting the skill “arch”, “drive”, “wait” and immediately do the skill. It worked incredibly because I was using words that had absolutely no negative connotation and was not allowing anything else enter my mind except the correct motions to follow. I started applying this to all my problem areas and the results have been amazing.

The basic’s to follow

  • Take time to understand what your reaction is prior to and after the skill you are having trouble on

  • Create simple words to follow in association with the correct technique

  • Stay away from negative words “don’t do this”, “this is wrong”

  • Take a time out if repetition is not working and your focus wavers.

This is obviously a basic example but it works for me, everyone is different so it will change with each individual but the principle will stay the same. For a good resource to learn more about self hypnosis I would recommend looking at the conversational hypnosis link above (top/right of screen)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

How to hypnotize someone instantly

Being able to hypnotize somebody straight away is a very difficult thing to do but it is possible so pay attention to what you need to know.

To hypnotize someone instantly you need to be able to skip the hypnotic induction and be able to understand their biggest insecurities and what their dreams are. These are their extreme negatives and positives and having this “ammunition” helps when it comes to persuading them to do what you want.

Using the Dream Trance
The ‘dream trance’ comes from renowned hypnotherapist Igor Ledochowski principles of conversational hypnosis. I have seen a video of Igor use this technique with such ease and it definitely is worth learning. So the dream trance is when you find out what a persons dreams are so that you can use this information to your advantage. Once the person is speaking about what they care about most then that is all they are (subliminally) concentrating on and hence are in a dream trance. It is your job now to provide hints as to how this dream can be achieved and be sure to use their insecurities to handle any objections that they will potentially throw your way.

e.g. Someone’s dream is to travel around the World
Insecurity is image and what people think of them.

Linking an insecurity to a dream: what people would think of them and then confirm that travelling the World will make them the envy of everyone. (This is a basic example)

Conversational hypnosis
This is the type of hypnosis that you should be using if you are trying to hypnotize someone instantly. It is designed to avoid using an induction and uses techniques like analogies, metaphors and confusion techniques. It is highly controversial but it has changed the face of hypnosis techniques used world wide and if you do not have hypnosis experience I highly recommend checking it out.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to hypnotize a person for beginners

So you want to know how to persuade (or hypnotize) a person to do what you want or a least to think in the way you want them to. As you probably know it is very difficult to convince anyone to do something and hypnosis is the best way to do this.

Getting started
So what is the first thing you need to do when hypnotizing a person? This would be a hypnosis induction which is the process of putting the person you are hypnotizing into a trance “or wakeful sleep” where their minds are more open to suggestion. We slip in and out of these “wakeful sleeps” everyday and if you are watching the government warnings about driving on TV they refer to them as micro sleeps where you still function in autopilot on your task at hand (driving, watching TV, listening to a business meeting) but your mind is almost switched off. So the hypnotic induction is about getting a persons mind into this state, there are many different techniques which you can use such as analogies, tone of voice, physical surroundings etc…(look at the link for more information).

Prevent surrounding interruption
When you are hypnotizing a person you need to be sure that there are no outside interruptions because a break in their trance state can cause all your hard work to come undone so when you are in a hypnosis process try to be in a secluded environment that is away from distractions. As you become more advanced as a hypnotists this will start to matter less and less because of the connection that you can create with a person but in the beginning I advise a personal area to do it in.

Subtle suggestion
It is all about being subtle when you start creating suggestion in a persons mind. If you are to direct then sometimes you can lose the affect you desire. Hypnosis is all about implanting suggestion into a persons mind without their direct knowledge and forcing their subconscious to process the suggestion into a solution. This is much easier to do once you have your person induced and you are in control of the conversation. Using a persons emotional triggers works really well by creating a solution to a problem that they might have and confirming that this is the best solution available.

Further in depth information
I would suggest looking at some professional hypnosis courses for more information and the link at the top/right of the screen is the best one that I can find so definitely have a look start learning more today.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to hypnotize (hypnotise) people

Being able to hypnotize a person is one thing but to be able to hypnotize multiple people, now that is a completely different story. This is were factors such as general emotion triggers come into play and being able to feed peoples reactions off each other.

So how do people like Anthony Robbins or Oprah manage to influence so many people at one time and not only that, convince them to come back for more advice over and over again?

Create a story that everyone can relate to
This is rule one with hypnotizing a room full of people because as you know the first step of the hypnosis process is to create a connection and rapport with your subject. The easiest way is to create a story that is very common and the easiest one is, 'that no one understands what you are going through' or 'a dream of leaving the office and retiring early' and the list goes on. So once the story is created how do you keep the attention and make your group of people listen and genuinely process the information (suggestions) that you give them?

Play on insecurities
If you can guess someone’s insecurity then they will listen to what you have to say even if they deny that fact. This is simply because a common emotional trigger that everyone has is a fear of something and not being able to overcome that fear. When this comes to a group of people you need to find a common insecurity that everyone can relate to and then relate it directly to yourself, this creates a subliminal bond between you and everyone else because they interpret this as you understanding their personal fears.

Finish the story and create a conclusion
The final step of this process (and remember this is a brief overview) is to create an ending for your story of how you achieved your dream, how you know others that have and how they have overcome their insecurity. This invokes jealousy on the part of the people you are hypnotizing and their reaction is to want the same thing, so you give them a suggestion of what they need to do and trust me they will pursue it.

Learning this technique of hypnotizing multiple people
The principles that you have just read stem strongly from conversational hypnosis because this is designed to basically ignore the hypnotic induction and go straight into covert suggestive techniques. If you want to learn these techniques I strongly advise to follow the link at the top/right of this screen.

The basics of how to learn to hypnotize

Obviously I can not teach you how to hypnotize through a single blog post but I can teach you the basics so that when you want to learn this in more depth you have a solid base.

So the basics that you need to know when learning hypnosis is:

  • The Hypnotic Induction
  • The different thought processing methods
  • Mirroring
  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

Hypnotic Induction

This is when you get your subject into a suggestive frame of mind. There are so many different techniques when it comes down to doing this successfully but if you remember that a realxed mind is more open to suggesstion then you will understand the hypnotic induction process. Once our mind is relaxed then we tend to be more agreeable and less resistant (I am sure you can relate).

The different thought processing methods

There are 4 different types of thought processing techniques that we use (as humans) and we tend to favour 1 more than others. These are:

  • Visual - Uses phrases such as, "I see what you are saying"
  • Auditory - Uses phrases such as, "I hear what you are saying"
  • Kinesthetic - Reacts better through physical contact
  • Reading - Reacts to reading information of print

When you think about it you will start to notice how people react in these different ways which makes it a lot easier to understand what method to mirror.


So you know the thought processing method of your subject and now it is time to mirror them. This means exactly what you think... Copying their thought processing method by either using the word see or hear or create physical contact etc.. Once you begin to mirror then your subject will become more responsive to your suggestions and you will be in a better position to hypnotize them. All this comes down to our ingrained response triggers which is our neuro-linguistic programming.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

This will be the most important thing you learn if you are serious about hypnotizing anyone especially yourself. NLP is our minds programming to certain situtations and words for example: the word "burn" creates a reaction of pain probably due to a life experience we have had. The more you understand about this the better you will be as a hypnotist. For a professional view of hypnosis look at the link above (Top/right of screen).

Do you want to learn hypnotism?

If you are reading this blog then you obviously do especially when it comes down to hypnotizing yourself. I guess that because you are looking at an online source then an online hypnotism course would be what you have in mind right.

Does online learning exist for hypnosis
Yes it does and there are quite a number of online hypnotism courses available but if you are specifically looking for the one that helps with self hypnosis then I would advise looking at Igor Ledochowski’s course: “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis”. Reason being for this is because you can gain access to his hypnosis club where you can actually ask him questions and benefit from him personally. I am not talking about support from a FAQ system but straight from the man himself.

Can you trust an online course
Believe me when I say this, yes you can trust this course when it comes to learning hypnotism and getting continued and lasting results. I get emails into my inbox almost daily with support, videos and upgraded learning techniques. The dream trance is especially helpful but I will not let anything out of the bag.

Ok so how do I get this course so I can start learning?
I have actually left a link (top/right of screen) so that you can have a look for yourself. It is the number one hypnosis course online at the moment and you will definitely benefit from Igor’s techniques.